A Life Changer in Liquid Biopsy Cancer Diagnostic

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Early screening

We harvest the potential of two fundamental indicators of cancer:
tumor metabolism and extracellular vesicles

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We provide high quality services to support fundamental and streamlined EV research
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Our mission is to develop and launch a new generation of tests for cancer screening and liquid biopsy based on analysis of circulating extracellular vesicles.

Screening and Diagnostics

We combine our unique and patented approach for isolation of tumor derived exosomes from blood and urine with the state-of-art analytical methods to deliver high-performance immunoassays and molecular dx assays for cancer screening, monitoring and therapy guidance.


We run and encourage collaborative projects with academic and industrial partners as part of our translational strategy. We also offer a services package build up on our comprehensive expertise and exclusive approach in exosome research and circulating biomarkers discovery.


We provide directly a wide range of diagnostic and research-use-only (RUO) products that can be purchased from our online-sales. Our team offers full technical support, auxiliary protocols and customized solutions to meet particular clinical and research needs.

Exosomics’ strengths


We provide true tumor biopsy in a routine blood sample, truly suitable for low interval screening and for active surveillance and monitoring.


We rely on a unique biological principle and evolving science to build and fully validate highly sensitive and specific diagnostic tests.



Our approach is based on fundamental drivers of cancer (e.g. metabolic switch) and exosomes as early sentinels of tumor growth.


Our tests are simple, reliable, and cost-effective; we offer scalable and familiar test formats and provide them as an open platform tools .


Exosomics Siena is located in the heart of beautiful Siena within Medicine Research Centre of Toscana Life Sciences BioPark, next to the Global Research Center of GSK.

Current investors are: Lonza, BioBalt Holding, BioFund, FinBiotech Srl, and Black Swan Trade Ltd.