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EV Screen™

EV Screen™ is Exosomic’s patented immuno assay featuring double sandwich ELISA assay for quantification of specific subpopulation of circulating exosomes. The assay is based on a ready-to-use kit that can be performed in any research or clinical laboratory. This is an open platform and can be run on any bench plate-reader. The trademark is registered in Europe and EV Screen™ is CE marked IVD.

EV Screen™ intro (CE IVD, RUO*) * in US

EV Screen™ Combo (RUO)



Exosomics seleCTEV™ Liquid Biopsy Assays for actionable and prognostic mutations exploit the concomitant isolation of and EV-DNA and associated cell-free circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) with the Exosomics proprietary EV affinity isolation protocol, to overall improve the detection of clinically relevant targets. Selective isolation of tumor EVs grants the enrichment for tumor specific targets and unprecedented sensitivity and capability of our assays.

The seleCTEV™ kits are stand-alone PCR-based kits that can be run in any clinical or research laboratory equipped with a real-time quantitative PCR machine (open platform). The trademark is registered in Europe and seleCTEV™ BRAF is our first CE marked IVD.

seleCTEV™ BRAF Assay

sseleCTEV™ KRAS Assay

seleCTEV™ AR Assay


Our proprietary EV isolation tool-box provides methods for true and multi-fold enrichment of tumor derived vesicles expanding thus the number and type of clinically relevant targets for Liquid Biopsy tests beyond DNA mutations. soRTEV™ Liquid Biopsy Assays are optimized for extraction and analysis of tumor specific mRNA variants, including splicing variants, gene rearrangements and fusions, and gene expression alterations.

The soRTEV™ kits are stand-alone qPCR based kits that can be run in any clinical or research laboratory equipped with a real-time quantitative PCR machine (open platform). The trademark is registered in Europe and we are pursuing a CE IVD marking for soRTEV™ ARv7 assay.

soRTEV™ AR-V7 assay


We combine our experience with evolving science and strategic collaborations with academic, clinical and industrial teams to fully validate our tests, pursue and extend the range of biomarkers and tools implemented in our diagnostic platforms. To this purpose we have developed a supplementary line of bioresearch reagents that fuel and complement our pipeline as stand-alone kitable solutions to overall accelerate research and development in the area of liquid biopsy.

Our sample type- and purpose-tailored exosomes/Evs isolation and preanalytical tools provide Sample Prep solutions that shorten the translation of biomarker discovery and clinical research data into diagnostic assays. Our state-of-art solutions for Sample Prep include:

  • EV isolation reagents and devices with tunable selectivity for distinct EV types
  • Sample clear-up and stabilization solutions
  • Ready-to-use EV RNA and DNA extraction kits

We have also developed other two product categories that assure the robustness and reliability of liquid biopsy tests. Dx standards including EVs and EV-derived nucleic acids from distinct sample types and/or bearing distinct genomic variants of clinical relevance.

Finally, we have defined Control and Normalizer Panels specific for the target category (mRNA, miRNA, DNA) and sample type (plasma or urine).

Overall, our Liquid Biopsy Reagents portfolio is constantly improved according to emerging inputs and needs. These products are designed to increase lab efficiency while minimizing key reagents inventory. The use of our reagents relies on off-the shelf laboratory equipment and is compatible with a wide range of analytical and diagnostic platforms. For more info on the performance and state-of-development of our products, and for custom reagents please contact: