First-in-class approach to pin down tumor exosomes

We combine and harvest value of two Cancer Hallmarks: Tumor Metabolism and Extracellular Vesicles.

Imagine a world in which a cancer diagnosis is possible
from a simple blood draw

Cancer is a heterogeneous and complex, comprising over 200 diseases characterized by abnormal cell growth. Some fundamental processes arise as common hallmarks of all cancers and can provide unifying elements for disease detection.

Reprogramming of cancer cell metabolism: altered energetic and biosynthesis metabolism is crucial for cancer development, and it precedes and intersects with all other cancer traits.  Exosomics Siena has dedicated extensive efforts to identification of so called “Warburgian” markers that can be useful in liquid biopsy settings.

The revolutionary solution came from detection of this category of markers in circulating exosomes in plasma from cancer patients, enabling selective isolation of exosomes of tumor origin.

Exosomes are membrane delimited nanovesicles released from all living cells in a finely regulated way and reflecting the cell function and status. These tiny lipidic vesicles are true surrogates of a parent cell: they carry specific payload of molecules (proteins, lipids, nucleic acids etc.). Selective isolation and analysis of circulating tumor originated exosomes provide a true noninvasive tumor tissue biopsy yielding real-time information on tumor occurrence and progression, as well on tumor phenotype.


Most cancers could be cured if detected in early enough stage

Current cancer diagnostics is invariably invasive, not-conclusive and multi-step process, comprising high costs and considerable patients discomfort. Screening tests are today available for only a few solid tumors and most of the tumors are not detected at an early stage due to the lack of appropriate tools and biomarkers.

Exosomics provides revolutionary solution for solid tumors screening

  • One test fits all tumors
  • Non-invasive – blood based
  • Low interval, low cost
  • High accuracy

Our screening test EVScreenTM features 2-step procedure:

Precision Medicine starts with Precision Diagnostics

better understanding – better treatments

We have developed a unique, patented methodology to isolate tumor derived vesicles and harvest the information contained within their DNA and RNA, as well as in associated cell-free circulating DNA from blood.

We use a spectrum of affinity isolation tools that can provide us ever more selective enrichment of clinically relevant targets from the sample enabling true tumor biopsy from blood.

This is the basis of our seleCTEV and soRT-EV assay families for analysis of DNA alterations (point mutations, insertions, deletions) and RNA isoforms (splicing variants, gene fusions, gene amplifications) implicated in prognosis and selection of the right treatment for the oncological patients.