Kamran Tahamtanzadeh, MBA - CCO

Kamran is a distinguished commercial leader with more than two decades of combined scientific and business experience in the field of Molecular Diagnostics. He specializes in building global partnerships, collaborations, and has built and fostered major corporate and academic alliances. Kamran has an indepth knowledge of the commercial challenges and rewards in the fields of genomics, proteomics and epigenetics. Kamran formerly was the founder and CEO of PrognosDx Health an innovative pioneering molecular diagnostics company focused on harnessing the predictive power of an Epigenetic platform technology (which he licensed in from UCLA to commercialize products and services addressing management of cancer from prognosis, therapy response and monitoring to offering new scientific insights into development of New Chemical Entities based on global patterns of histone modifications as novel targets of therapeutic intervention).  In 2016 Kamran established EpiCELONA LLC a healthcare focused business incubator and management consultancy firm to aid PE firms and help promising companies secure fuel for their growth and commercial expansion. Kamran keeps abreast of emerging disruptive technologies in the healthcare industry including applications of advanced bioinformatics tools, AI, ANN, NLP, Big DATA. Kamran’s network of highly seasoned business executives, and distinguished scientists across the globe serves to shorten business cycles, improve product life cycle management, enhancing product design and reducing development time, cost, and accelerating corporate growth and scientific advancement. Kamran is an industry veteran who previously held various scientific and commercial roles with Roche Molecular Systems, Ventana Medical Systems, Agilent Technologies, Horizon Discovery Group Plc, Beckman Coulter and IGEN International. Kamran obtained his B.A. degree in Molecular Cellular Biology (Genetics Track) from the University of California at Berkeley.