ExoRef Exosome Standard 2×30µg – BRAF V600E


Monitor the performance of your exosome-based diagnostic workflow from plasma to result.
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ExoRef™ are exosomes containing cancer relevant mutation at a verified allelic frequency in an anhydrous format. These standards allow the standardization of pre-analytical and analytical procedures involving the analysis of exosome content. They can be used as reference standards for: evaluating your exosome isolation, assessing the extraction of DNA from exosomes and monitoring your Dx workflow.

Exosomics’ ExoRef™ Exosome-based Reference Standards are provided for research use only (RUO).

Product Overview

Category: Exosome-based reference standards, containing cancer-relevant mutations;

Format: BRAF dry pellet (2 vials of 30µg each), to be resuspended by the user with provided Resuspension Buffer.

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