LB-SeleCTEV™ EGFR Mutation Analysis (CE-IVD)

From plasma to DNA mutation analysis. It couples exosome sample-prep with analytical assays for EGFR genes.

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Exosome-based liquid biopsy solution containing both pre-analytical and analytical modules, for the detection of EGFR mutations

Product Overview

LB-SeleCTEV™ EGFR is available for research (RUO) and diagnostic (CE-IVD) purposes.

USA/rest of the world:
LB-SeleCTEV™ EGFR is provided for research use only (RUO). Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Product resources

Download pdf LB-SeleCTEV Brochure

Download pdf LB-SeleCTEV Datasheet 1/2

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