SeleCTEV™ High Volume DNA 24rxn (RUO)


Pre-analytical kit for Research Use Only.

From plasma to DNA. This kit allows the purification of both circulating free DNA (cfDNA) and tumor-derived exosome DNA. Best pre-analytical method to harvest as much DNA as possible from biofluids.

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The SeleCTEV™ line of products is based on our proprietary peptide-affinity method that selectively binds and enriches for tumor-dervied exosomes from which DNA is then extracted. The SeleCTEV™ affinity method also recovers circulating nucleic acids, making it the method of choice to recover the total circulating nucleic acids plus the tumor-derived fraction from the exosomes. SeleCTEV™ High Volume has been optimized for sample volumes ranging from 2 ml up to 7 ml of plasma.

Product Overview

MAIN FEATURES: Kit allows the isolation of EV-exosomes from complex biofluid and optimized extraction of EV-DNA
ISOLATION METHOD: Exosomics proprietary peptide affinity method

SeleCTEV™ Low Volume DNA is available for research (RUO) and diagnostic (CE-IVD) purposes.

USA/rest of the world:
SeleCTEV™ Low Volume DNA is provided for research use only (RUO). Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

COMPONENTS (available upon request)
SEL – EXO-IA: Isolation Agent
SEL – EXO-RB: Resuspension Buffer
SEL – EXO-IB: Isolation Buffer
SEL – EXO-PK: Proteinase K
SEL – EXO-LB: Lysis Buffer
SEL – EXO-WB1: Washing Buffer 1
SEL – EXO-WB2: Washing Buffer 2
SEL – EXO-EB: Elution Buffer

Product Resources

Download pdf  Download SeleCTEV™ HV RUO Product Info

Download pdf  Download SeleCTEV™ MSDS

Download pdf  Download SeleCTEV™ MSDS no haz.

Download pdf  Download SeleCTEV™ RUO Protocol figure

Features & Benefits

  • Unique: The kit is designed to isolate in one step tumor-originated EVs and exosomes from complex biofluids. It includes an optimized extraction kit for the co-isolation of cell free and EV-DNA.
  • Versatile: The line features different versions of the isolation kit, including a wide range of sample volumes (from 2 to 7 ml) and extration kit for cf- and EV-DNA.
  • Fast and Accurate: No time-consuming ultracenrifugation step needed, turn-around time is approximately 4 hr.