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We offer a wide range of products for liquid biopsy and cancer screening based on the analysis of circulating EV and exosomes
pre-analytical assays

We have a long-standing expertise and unique intellectual property related to the isolation and selective enrichment of tumor-originated extracellular vesicles (EVs) and

exosomes from complex biofluids. To this purpose we develop and continuously implement our core line of proprietary reagents, kits and stand-alone solutions for cancer

screening and liquid biopsy. This product line focuses on pre-analytical sample preparation and it is suitable for research use and clinical diagnostics.

Our sample type- and purpose-tailored exosomes/EVs isolation and pre-analytical tools provide solutions that shorten the translation of biomarker discovery and clinical

research data into diagnostic assays. Our state-of-art pre-analytical solutions  include:

Sample collection and stabilization 

Selective EV/exosome Enrichment solutions with tunable selectivity for distinct EV types 

Ready-to-use EV-RNA and DNA extraction kits

Overall, our EV Selective Enrichment portfolio is constantly improving according to emerging inputs and needs. For more info on the performance and state-of-development

of our products, please contact:

SeleCTEV™ DNA Enrichment Kits (CE-IVD)

SeleCTEV™ Enrichment kit allows the selective purification of

tumor-derived DNA from tumor-enriched extracellular vesicles

and exosomes from biofluids. The isolation is based on

Exosomics proprietary peptide affinity method.

Enables better downstream analytical performance.

SoRTEV™ RNA Enrichment Kits

SoRTEV™ Enrichment kit allows the selective purification of

tumor-derived RNA from tumor-enriched extracellular vesicles

and exosomes from biofluids. The isolation is based on

immuno-affinity binding to beads coated with Exosomics

proprietary antibodies against exosome surface antigens.

ExoRefs are lyophilized cancer-derived exosomes with a defined mutation load. They have been specifically developed to standardize the performance of exosome-based

pre-analytical and analytical diagnostic assays but they may also have broader applications in the liquid biopsy or exosome research fields (eg. in vivo studies). The

ExoREFs are highly recommended as positive controls for SeleCTEV and  SoRTEV  kits, as stand alone or in association with any analytical platform (real time PCR,

digital PCR or next generation sequencing).


LB-SeleCTEV Kit Line

Exosomics SeleCTEV Liquid Biopsy Kit Line couples SeleCTEV

DNA Enrichment Kit with analytical assays  to overall improve

the detection of clinically relevant targets.

LB-SoRTEV Kit Line

SoRTEV Liquid Biopsy Kit Line couples SoRTEV RNA Enrichment

Kit to analytical assays for the  analysis of tumor specific

mRNA variants, gene rearrangements and fusions.


Cancer rEVeal™ Kit Line is Exosomics patented immuno assay featuring double sandwich ELISA assay for quantification of specific subpopulation of circulating exosomes,

based on the detection of pan-cancer metabolic markers expressed in EVs. The assay is based on a ready-to-use kit that can be performed in any research or clinical

laboratory. This is an open platform and can be run on any bench plate-reader.