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Customized solutions for Research and Development


Enrichment and Isolation of EVs and exosomes.


Optimized extraction of high quality DNA and RNA from extracellular vesicles.


EV Biophysical Charaterization, Sensitive qPCR, Validation with dPCR.

From Exosomes to Insight

A team of dedicated experts: 70% of Exosomics workforce have PhDs, with significant academic (Harvard, UMass, LMB-MRC, Caltech) and industry (Lonza, Ventana, Agilent, Roche, Horizon, Novartis, GSK) experience. 

We exploit our proprietary reagents and finely tuned protocols to build-up integrated solutions for EV / exosomes biomarker analysis in biofluids.

Example Project Workflow

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