SoRTEV™  Enrichment kits allow the extraction of tumor-derived RNA (EV-RNA) contained in tumor-enriched extracellular vesicles from biofluids.

SoRTEV™  Enrichment kits yield the highest level of enrichment of tumor genetic material.

The isolation is based on immuno-affinity beads, coated with Exosomics proprietary antibodies against exosome surface antigens.

SoRTEV™ RNA - Low Volume (up to 2ml of biofluid)

MAIN FEATURES: kit allows the isolation of tumor originated exosomes from complex biofluid and optimzed extraction of EV-RNA.

SAMPLE TYPE: Plasma, serum.


ISOLATION METHOD: Exosomics proprietary immuno affinity method.

EXTRACTION KIT: coupled with an extraction kit optimized for the recovery of EV-RNA.

  • Unique: The kit is designed to selectively isolate tumor originated exosomes from complex biofluids. It includes an optimized extraction kit for the isolation of EV-RNA.
  • Versatile: The line features the isolation kit coupled to EV-RNA extraction package. Sample volume ranges from 0.5 ml to 2 ml.
  • Fast and Accurate: No time-consuming ultracenrifugation step needed, turn-around time is 3h.

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